Alumni/ae events (GameDay, House Dedication, Alumni/ae Weekend, etc.) hosted by the local House Corporation Board and/or Alumni/ae Association at a chapter house that includes outside catered food and/or alcohol, use of the facility when it is closed, or events when a large number of guests are expected at the facility, should be registered with the University via a Permissive Use Agreement.

For assistance in planning an Alumni/ae event at a chapter house, please contact Lynn Morris at (205) 348-9677 or

Third Party Vendor Alcohol Distribution

Events where alcohol is provided by a Third Party Vendor in return for some form of payment (e.g., cash bar, paying for a dinner ticket, donations made in return for drink tickets, fundraising events, etc.), require approval from State of Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board Licensing & Compliance Division and the City of Tuscaloosa in order to sell on the premises where the function is to be held. The Third Party Vendor is required to secure a temporary Special Event License from the ABC Board, via the Special Event Application Process. With  the event being held on UA Property, an executed UA Catered Beverage Service Permissive Use Agreement is to be included at the time of application. For additional guidelines regarding events with outside catered food and alcohol, please refer to the Approved Alcohol Venue Policy and Outside Catering Program.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is prohibited to be served or provided to individuals under 21. It is also a violation of the UA Alcohol and Drug Policy to knowingly allow an individual under the age of 21 consume alcohol. The University prohibits UA students serving someone alcohol who is visibly intoxicated, and/or pressuring an individual to use alcohol. Common source and “tap” systems are not allowed except when licensed. This includes, but is not limited to, kegs, beer balls, and punch bowls being used to serve alcohol. Drinking games are prohibited on campus including the paraphernalia used to administer drinking games or assist the user in ingesting alcohol at a fast rate. Refer to UA’s Alcohol and Drug Policy and Student Organization Campus Event Policy for more information.

Approved Caterers

The University of Alabama has implemented a program for caterers who meet certain requirements and are willing to operate within the terms of an agreement. In addition, the University requires all caterers to provide evidence of insurance, business licensure, and health permits as required by law. In order to provide catering services at any UA facility or grounds and at any UA sponsored off-campus event, caterers must be approved through our Outside Vendor Catering Program.  This requirement applies regardless of whether the event is paid for with public funds or is paid for with foundation or private funds. If food is picked up at a location where the food items are prepared by a chapter representative and dropped off at the housing facility, an approved vendor is not required.

Tuscaloosa County Exemption Form

Events, where there is an exchange of money for food and/or alcohol, will need to submit the Tuscaloosa County Application for Exemption for Food Service Temporary Event. This is to be completed five (5) business days prior to the event. For more information, please visit the EHS Food Service Inspection Guidelines webpage.

Grounds Use Permit

Events held in the front yard are also subject to the General Terms and Conditions for Grounds Use, which includes applying for a Grounds Use Permit (GUP) at minimum, 7-10 days in advance of the event. Additionally, events with an inflatable and/or a tent larger than a 10×10 that is secured to the ground using stakes, require an underground utility locate. For information about line locates, please contact Alison Hewson with Campus Support Services at (205) 348-1684 or Alumni/ae events approved through a Permissive Use Agreement may be exempt from Grounds Use Permit submission.

Temporary Structures

If the chapter elects to erect a temporary structure, i.e. tent, for the event, Environmental Health and Safety Temporary Structures guidelines are to be followed. In addition, a form will need to be completed and submitted directly to EHS. The form is located at the bottom of Temporary Structures webpage.

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