Gamma is a peer health education group composed of Greek students on the University of Alabama campus. Gamma is housed out of the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness. The purpose of GAMMA is to provide health information and targeted programming aimed at increasing health knowledge and promoting healthy decision making to members of Greek Organizations.

The goal of GAMMA is to provide members for Greek organizations with information and support to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in chapters. This is achieved through weekly “Health Minute” presentations at chapter meetings and tailored educational programs planned and implemented by GAMMA delegates and HPW Health Educators. This is in efforts to engage members of Greek organizations in increasing their awareness about a wide variety of health topics in addition to increasing their knowledge about health topics most pertinent to their chapter.

Gamma has six strategic teams based on the needs of the Greek community. The teams include:

  • Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
  • Mental Health and Eating Disorders
  • Body Image and Nutrition
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Financial Health and Social Media Safety
  • Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health

For more information about the GAMMA Peer Educator Health Program, please visit the Project Health website.

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