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Majority of the Greek organizations at Alabama are housed in on-campus, freestanding houses located on University property. Houses sleep anywhere from 16 to 80 members and most facilities have a live-in house director, who manages the day-to-day functions for the house. Since 2005, UA has played an instrumental role in assisting Greek organizations with the construction of 28 new housing facilities and the renovation of 12 existing facilities that include life safety features.

Amenities differ within every chapter house, but many chapters have dining facilities, study spaces, meal plans, laundry facilities, and bathroom facilities. Members typically have access to the chapter house 24/7 and sorority houses have security guards around the house at night. The chapter facilities that are managed by Housing and Residential Communities typically sleep 16 members, have a common room, and a small kitchen. The experience of living in a chapter house with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers is often a highlight of the fraternity/sorority experience and how many members form those strong relationships.