All proposed major maintenance, renovation, new construction projects related to Student Organization Housing on The University of Alabama campus, regardless of funding source for the project (i.e. UA Borrowed Funds vs. Student Organization Funds), must be submitted to the UA Student Organization Facilities Committee for review prior to beginning any work. Student Organizations that wish to undertake a project must follow the Student Organization Construction Project Policy and submit a 2023-Student Organization-Project Initiation Request Form to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at least one week prior to the next regularly scheduled Student Organization Facilities Committee meeting.

PIR Review meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month, and special meetings can be called if necessary. The committee reviews all PIRs, makes recommendations to the Vice President for Student Life and the Vice President for Finance and Operations, and provides a Memorandum on whether the request was approved or denied. Completed PIRs are to be submitted to Jennifier Brown, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Housing, at

The Student Organization Housing Design Guidelines for Renovation, Addition and New Construction are specific to Student Organization Housing projects and are supplemental to the University’s Design Guidelines and Standards. These guidelines do not supersede or void the requirements contained in the University Design Guidelines, rather this information provides more in-depth criteria applicable to Student Housing projects.

Please note that any project that affects the visual appearance of the facility, including landscaping, must be submitted for approval using the PIR form. When planning a project that includes any work that could activate the fire alarm system, such as spray painting the interior or sanding floors, Environmental Health and Safety should be notified before work commences.

Timeline in Submitting PIRs

Greek chapters anticipating major projects over the summer should submit a PIR no later than October 1, and August 1 for work to be completed over Winter Break. This allows proper time to review the project, and if needed, coordinate the bid process. Examples of work could include renovation or remodeling, extensive landscaping, extensive painting of the facility, etc. The deadline for minor work to be done over the Summer Break is May 1 and November 1 for Winter Break. This could include painting a few rooms, refinishing flooring, minimal landscaping updates, etc.

Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Surveys

EHS is responsible for asbestos and lead-based paint surveys. Surveys are conducted prior to renovations, construction, or demolition work. EHS will make every effort to schedule these surveys with the House Director, or a designated chapter representative, for the Greek housing facility. Additionally, a survey or sampling process may be required if changes develop within building materials (for example, pipe insulation begins to deteriorate, or floor tile becomes friable).


All landscape project plans must adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the University of Alabama Campus Master Plan dated 2017. Landscaping projects that alter the current landscaping must be submitted to the Student Organization Facilities Committee via the Project Initiation Request (PIR) form for approval prior to beginning any work. Work done prior to receiving approval could result in fines, and landscaping being removed and installed utilizing approved materials adhering to UA standards. Organizations are encouraged to view the Site and Landscape Design Guidelines.

Tree Care and Maintenance

The University of Alabama Facilities and Grounds Campus Tree Care Policy states: Having healthy trees is a top priority to keep our campus beautiful. Misuse of any and all trees is prohibited. Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to climbing, use of ropes, wire, hammocks, slack lines, zip lines, nails, tape, signage adhered to trees, etc. These issues cause stress, scarring, and often broken branches, which can lead to disease and death of an otherwise healthy tree and therefore are prohibited. Violations of the policy will result in fines imposed on the chapter by the University.