The Greek Programming Board (GPB) is a student-run programming body uniting the Greek community at the University of Alabama. Greek Programming Board events aligns with the UA Five Engagement Waves:

  1. Global and Intercultural Learning
  2. Holistic Development
  3. Community Service and Engagement
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Experiential Learning

The Greek Programming Board shares the goals of fostering unity amongst all four councils, while providing the community with comprehensive educational programming, creating local, state, national, and international service opportunities, promoting ethical leadership development and planning community wide events.

Greek Programming Board 2023 – 2024

  • Director: Malea Benjamin
  • Assistant Director of Greek Points: Trent Collins
  • Assistant Director of Communications: Isabella Avila
  • Community Engagement Chair: Gracie Parker
  • Philanthropy & Service Chair: Molly Webb
  • Health & Wellness Chair: William Jenks
  • Leadership & Personal Development Chair: Alexa Kass

Greek Programming Board
Greek Programming Board