University of Alabama Community Conduct Report as of 8/16/19.


Suspended/Charter Revoked
Separation of the organization from the University for a definite or indefinite period of time. When an organization is eligible to return, conditions for readmission may be specified. Inter/National Headquarters may revoke a chapter’s charter, which may or may not be associated with university suspension.
Deferred Suspension
Based upon their conduct, the group is subject to immediate suspension should it be determined that they have violated the Code of Student Conduct during the period of deferred suspension.
Loss of Privileges
Denial of specified privileges for a designated period of time. For Greek letter organizations, this is typically in a form of social probation.
A written reprimand for violation for specified regulations. Probation is for a designated period of time and includes the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion, if the organization is found to be violating any University regulation(s) during the probationary period.

Suspended/Charter Revoked

ChapterCouncilType of SuspensionPeriod of Suspension
Delta Sigma PhiIFCSuspended - Charter Revoked/Loss of Recognition*June 1, 2018 - Fall 2022
Kappa Alpha PsiNPHCCease and Desist**Effective April 16, 2019


*In a joint decision, Delta Sigma Phi had its Charter revoked by the National Headquarters and received a Loss of Recognition from the University.

**Cease and desist was issued by the National Organization.

Deferred Suspension

No chapters currently on a deferred suspension

Loss of Privileges (Social Probation)

ChapterCouncilType of Loss of PrivilegesPeriod of Loss of Privileges
Alpha Phi AlphaNPHCNo social eventsApril 26, 2019 - December 31, 2019
Phi Delta ThetaIFCNo social eventsThrough September 1, 2019


ChapterCouncilType of ProbationPeriod of Probation
Kappa Alpha PsiNPHCProbation**September 22, 2018 - September 22, 2022
Phi Delta ThetaIFCProbation**
Phi Kappa PsiIFCDisciplinary Probation January 8, 2018 - December 31, 2019
Pi Kappa AlphaIFCProbation**
Sigma Alpha EpsilonIFCDisciplinary ProbationNovember 12, 2018 - December 13, 2019
Theta ChiIFC Disciplinary ProbationSeptember 6, 2018 - December 1, 2019


**Probation was issued by the National Organization.