While each Alabama Panhellenic Association (APA) sorority is a private member organization with its own membership criteria (often governed by national bylaws), there are some general guidelines that can help a potential new member maximize her opportunity to receive a bid during Primary Recruitment.

The list below includes ways to increase the likelihood that you will be offered membership:

  • Register for recruitment on time—and don’t forget to submit your video! For instructions on how to apply, deadlines and full details, visit the APA Council overview.
  • Pay attention to APA’s Greek Chic Recruitment Guide, which offers the schedule for recruitment, helpful information about what to wear each day, and so much more to keep you informed.
  • Study hard – while there is no minimum GPA required to participate in recruitment, each chapter does have a minimum GPA requirement for membership, and it is highly recommended that all potential new members have at or above a 3.2 cumulative high school or college GPA at the time of recruitment.
  • Be mindful of your social media presence – past and present. The content you post, comment on and are tagged in can communicate a variety of messages to different audiences, and active members scout social media channels to learn about potential new members and whether or not their values are in line with those of the organization.
  • While chapter-specific letters of recommendation are not required, if you do choose to obtain any, we recommend that you pay attention to who can write them, where and how to submit them, and the deadline for submission. Don’t forget you can always upload an optional supplemental academic letter of recommendation when you register for recruitment as well.
  • Keep an open mind! Recruitment is a mutual selection process, meaning that as you are making decisions throughout the week of recruitment, so are the chapters. This may mean not going back to a chapter you prioritized highly, and you may receive an invitation to a chapter you had indicated as a low priority. Consider this an opportunity to get to know the chapter further as they have identified you as someone who fits the values and expectations of their organization. Recruitment may not go how you expect, but hundreds of women over the years have found a home and sisterhood in a place they didn’t expect on day 1.
  • Maximize your options. Attend all of the parties on your schedule each round, even if they may not be your top choice chapter. Also make sure that you understand the MRABA:
    • If you visit one chapter on preference round and you are willing to accept a bid from that chapter, list it on your MRABA and you are guaranteed a bid to that chapter.
    • If you visit two chapters on preference round, you can list, in preferential rank order, which chapters during that round you are willing to accept a bid from. If you are willing to accept a bid from either chapter, list both and you are guaranteed a bid to one of those two chapters. It is not required to list both—if you are not willing to accept a bid from one of the two chapters, do not list it.
  • Participate in recruitment early. Chapters are looking for women who will be active members throughout their time as an undergraduate student, so that they can maximize their membership experience as well as contribute to the chapter. Keep in mind that each organization has its own policy on pledging upperclassmen.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it is a helpful guide to help potential new members understand many of the factors involved in the process.