NPHC organizations recruit members at various times of the year, through a process called Membership Intake (MIP). NPHC chapters determine their own recruitment period, so while some organizations may conduct MIP each semester; others do so only once a year. Organizations conducting MIP will host informational sessions, commonly referred to as Interest Meetings or Rush events. During these formal sessions, aspirants will typically learn specific information about membership requirements, chapter policies, and financial cost.

At the beginning of each semester, the Alabama NPHC hosts a general interest session, known as Convocation, which allows interested students to meet current NPHC members and learn more about NPHC as well as its member organizations.

To be eligible for membership, aspirants must attend one of two convocations, which take place in August and January. There is a $10 fee to attend Convocation and proceeds benefit the NPHC S.T.R.O.N.G. Scholarship Fund. To register for 2018 Fall NPHC Convocation, visit

What are the requirements to become a member?

While membership qualifications vary by chapter, there are minimum requirements set by The University of Alabama NPHC. Those requirements include: attendance at NPHC Convocation during the year of intake consideration, at least 12 or more credit hours at The University of Alabama of Alabama, and a minimum college GPA of 2.5

While, these requirements are mandated by The University of Alabama NPHC, it is vital that an aspirant visit the national website of their organization of interest, for additional requirements.

Want more information?

Please visit the Alabama NPHC website or email